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Chess Strategy

Chess Strategy is planning and placing your pieces while taking into consideration your long-term goals during the game. In strategy, you make a decision where to place different pieces to achieve your goal, while chess tactics help you to achieve this goal based on your strategy of play.

There are many strategic and tactical patterns of play; therefore, a chess game normally contains three different parts.
1. Opening Game 2. Middle Game 3. Endgame
  • position of King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knights, Pawns
  • absolute and relative worth of piece
  • regrouping pieces
  • how to make better positions of your pieces while forcing bad positions for your Opponent’s pieces.
  • when, why and how to trade pieces
  • limiting possible counter-play of your opponent
  • judgment of position a) King’s position b) material correlation c) after the exchange of Queens, who has the better position d) pawn formation.
  • making a strategic plan.
  • bad bishops and weak squares
  • bad knights and weak squares
  • blockade your opponent’s better side, while making free space for your pieces to advance on the opposite side.
  • pieces out of play
  • open file
  • strike in the center
  • keeping initiative
  • defense resource
  • repertoire of Openings as a final step
Chess Tactics:
Chess tactics requires observation of your opponent’s pieces and are opportunities based on your opponent’s previous strategy of play.
Students who take my chess classes will learn the following:
  • making tactical operations
  • important resource in the game
  • doubled attack
  • discovered attack
  • discovered check
  • half pinning
  • pinning
  • removing pieces
  • removing defense possibilities
  • blockade
  • making important free squares
  • "zugzwang"
  • mate
  • mate on the 1st (8th) rank
  • attacking and removing pawns in front of opponent King
  • stalemate
  • repetition of position
  • theoretical draw
  • positional draw
  • promotion of pawn
  • counterattack
Chess Lesson


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