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IM Goran Vojinovic's travels to USA - in latter part of 2010 and early 2011

As the guest of the Smith family in Missouri, Goran has spent most of the winter coaching students, attending tournaments, giving lectures and simuel's and watching the incredible snows that have blanketed the area this winter.

He and his student, James Larkin Smith, traveled in late January to the Cardinal Open in Columbus. Goran easily won this tournament, along with Austin Open, Milwaukee Pan Am, Joplin Open, Stillwater Open in Oklahoma and lecture and simul in Kansas City. At the Missouri Youth Champion, Goran gave a speech as well as gave the awards at the closing ceremony.

James Larkin Smith wins the Missouri Youth Championship!

Needless to say, James and Jacob's chess skills have improved from having their coach with them this winter. From the many photos of the three of them, we know they have become very close friends and are having fun.

Goran is currently in the USA and still playing. I am sure we will have more on this later.

Austin, Texas - Goran wins the Austin Tournament
at star
James, Jacob and Goran
So, is this Texas?
Goran visits with his student, Devina
Goran at Austin Tournament and beats GM
Goran meets his student, Chad
Goran at Riverwalk
After dark at the Alamo
Jeffery and dad
Jeffery and his father, and Goran

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