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Darja's Storyboard!
Daddy's little Princess!


Darja is an eight year old who loves art, movies, music and clearly adores her father, IM Goran Vojinovic.

She want to be a fashion designer someday, and it is evident by the birthday card she painted for her father. Her favorite color is pink.

Darja is an excellent student. She enjoys going to summer camp, painting and her Katz Dolls.

Her favorite dress is one that her father purchased for her when he traveled to the United States, and of course, the dress is pink.

Her father tells us, "Darja is extremely intelligent and rightfully she should be from all the questions she can ask." Then he goes on to say, "I am very proud of Darja. She has an art soul and a good heart. I am very lucky to have two beautiful daughters and I love them both equally."



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