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If you are interested in learning more about chess, I have twenty-seven years experience giving chess lessons to students from all parts of the world. I am an International Master, with two grandmaster norms, and I play professional chess. I give over the board lessons as well as lessons on the internet. I also teach by audio. My best references are my students. Please read what they have to say about me. My rates are very reasonable and I give discounts for purchases of more than ten lessons.

You may contact me by sending an email. By taking my chess lessons, you will not only learn how to play chess, you will also have fun while you learn. - Goran Vojinovic, IM

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Recommendation from Jason Wang, USA 2nd Grade Level Champion

It has been half year since my son, Jason, first time took lesson with Goran. It is not an easy task to teach a 1st grader by Internet on chess theory, and we did have concern at the beginning. However, his progress in the past half year proofs effectiveness of Goran's teaching. 

Goran consistently introduces and explains the chess principles to Jason instead of fixed openings or patterns. He always illustrates Jason's games using those principles. This definitely helps Jason have deeper understanding of chess as a 6-7-years old boy. 

My family really appreciate Goran's help. Without that, Jason could not be on the national stage so quickly.
- Shanwu

Dear Goran,
You are awesome! You are a great teacher! You help me because you are patient to let me think. I like you because you are fun. I like you because you are strict. You send me openings that I don't know. I think you are such a great teacher.
I think you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Jason, USA Champion 2nd Grade

Former World Champion, GM Gary Kasparov, Presents Bronze Medal to Christopher Shen, USA, at the World Youth Championship U-8 Years in Maribor, Slovenia

(Below is what Chris' father had to say about IM Goran Vojinovic.)

bronze medal

"Goran has been teaching my son, Christopher Shen for more than 1 year. We all love him. Goran reminds me of my high school soccer coach who was always having energy to teach us good stuff. He is tough but very kind coach to kids. He lets you know exactly about your strengths and weaknesses and tells you how to fix problems. He shows chess kids a key characteristic of a qualified chess player; passion that he is always looking for the best move on the board.

In this past World Youth Chess Championship held in Maribor, Slovenia, Goran helped my son prepare for games on a daily basis and he is much responsive to answer our questions promptly. It would be much harder for Christopher to win a World Youth Medal without his coaching. The combination of his chess knowledge and teaching experience to young talent makes Goran one of the best chess coaches in the world."

Jeff Shen


IM Goran Vojinovic's Chess School Expands

I am pleased and honored to have IM Atanas Kizov (pictured below) join me as my Assistant Chess Instructor. Tane (his nickname) is a very successful chess coach and comes highly recommended from many Grand Masters who know him personally and have been closely associated with him for many years.

IM Kizov will be a regular at giving private lessons, lectures and events. Contact us for additional information on our Chess School.(IM Atanas Kizov references as Chess Coach and Chess Instructor will follow.)

Below are photos of: 1. IM Atanas Kizov 2. IM Goran Vojinovic and IM Kizov 3. GM Vladmir Georgiev and IM Kizov

IM Kizov (Tane) Goran and Tane  


Winter 2010 and 2011
Mid-Western USA
France-2010 and USA Tournament
Summer 2010

Visit to Niagra Falls, Canada to see family Ohio Chess Lessons
Memorable Events

Goran presenting James Larkin Smith, his student who won the Missouri Youth Championship, Goran presenting the rewards and giving a speech.
james wins

Chess Coach - Instructions:

Infinia Chess has this to say about IM Goran Vojinovic:

International Master, Goran Vojinovic has twenty-seven years of chess coaching. In addition to a successful career in coaching, he plays professional chess in tournaments in many countries around the world and has realized 2 grandmaster norms. He gives chess lectures, has written for chess magazines, and is an online chess commentator for live relays of International Chess Tournaments and Captain of his local chess team.

Goran resides in Serbia and plays professional chess. He has two daughters, Jovana Vojinovic and Darja Vojinovic. Jovana became interested in chess at the early age of seven. At age fourteen, she became a Women International Master, and Woman Grand Master at seventeen.

Jovana is a student and plays professional chess. Darja is eight years old, a student and has a great appreciation of the arts. Read her Storybook.

Goran tells us, “My daughters come first in my life, and I am equally proud of both. Chess is my passion. I love teaching others to play chess. Chess enables you to meet interesting people from all over the world. There is no language barrier in a game of chess. Chess is a universal language spoken over the board.”
Goran has taught students from all over the world to realize their potential in Chess. His current USCF rating is 2572.

Some of his best students and their references:

  GM Milos Perunovic Fide Rating 2580
  GM Borki Predojevic Fide Rating 2652
  GM Boban Bogosavljevic Fide Rating 2526
  WGM Jovana Vojinovic Fide Rating 2342
WGM Jovana Vojinovic
(Daughter of IM Goran Vojinovic)
Jovana Vojinovic achieved Woman International Master at the early age of fourteen, and Woman Grand Master at the age of seventeen..

Her current Fide Rating is 2342

Darja Vojinovic's Storyboard
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